May we introduce ourselves?

We are the Swiss Primetrack AG and offer you modern and sustainable solutions for IT support, IT infrastructure and IT security.

We are Primetrack AG with offices in Switzerland and Austria

With our reliable IT solutions, we are sure to meet your needs perfectly.

The Swiss company Primetrack AG , with offices in Switzerland and Austria, has been supporting companies of all sizes and in various sectors, non-profit organizations, schools and public institutions since 2002.

We recognize your individual IT needs and offer you exactly the IT support, IT infrastructure and IT security servicesthat your company currently requires. We advise you on the optimal, reliable and scalable IT infrastructure and implement it efficiently and competently using innovative technologies that we have tested. We integrate state-of-the-art and secure software, intranet and collaboration solutions and ensure a smooth implementation. Of course, we also ensure that IT operations run smoothly.

Our technical experts take care of the design, implementation and competent support for you in accordance with ITIL standards. We always tailor our scalable service desk and support services precisely to your current needs. It goes without saying that our experts take into account and integrate all applicable data protection, data security and quality management regulations in all processes and solutions.

Primetrack AG was awarded the ISO 27001 certificate for information security management in March 2024. It confirms the high quality and international standard of our security practices. We have thus committed ourselves to implementing and maintaining best practices in the area of information security management. In this way, we guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all information for which we are responsible.

Current projects
Played «Töggeli» matches
Years in the market

Three companies - united under the roof of the House of IT

The Datalynx Group: innovative, integrative, productive and communicative in IT - since 1996

The Datalynx Group currently employs around 130 people at 8 locations worldwide.

The Group comprises the three companies Datalynx AG - the first to be founded in 1996 - as well as Primetrack AG (since 2002) and skillcloud AG (since 2018). Together, as a House of IT, they offer a wide range of services from a single source. With its numerous competencies, the Datalynx Group covers a very wide range of IT services and thus creates synergies for the benefit of creative, innovative and sustainable IT solutions. With scalable IT infrastructures, individually developed applications, tailor-made IT service and support, modern workplace offerings, cloud services, IT security services and personnel consulting and recruitment, we offer the complete package for flawless and secure IT operations in small, medium and large companies.

We are the right and reliable partner for our customers in every phase of development on the path to meaningful digitalization. We accompany them on their digitalization journey from brainstorming to implementation and support them in selecting the right technologies for their specific needs. With our technological expertise, we always have our finger on the pulse and create perfectly tailored and scalable digital solutions for our customers and their requirements that grow with the company and its future needs. Our aim is to build a successful, flexible and long-term collaboration with our customers based on mutual trust.

We are very aware that motivated and well-trained employees are our most important resource. That is why we value in-depth training and further education, many years of professional experience and excellent specialist knowledge. As a result, we are always at the cutting edge of technological development and deliver high-quality IT solutions that are individually tailored to our customers' needs.

This is what our lifecycle tells you

It comprises all of our activities and expertise with which we position ourselves on the market.

We see our Group as a House of IT, in which the individual companies represent different specialist areas. Thanks to the bundling of different competencies, we maintain a high degree of diversity and thus expand our range of services - we have remained true to our brand core since 1996. 

«for all IT needs, today and in the future»

House of IT

In the House of IT, our companies Datalynx, Primetrack and Skillcloud form a home for our customers. Like in a family, needs of the members change over time and development. Here, we nurture strengths and eliminate weaknesses. We teach and learn. We form and nurture relationships. We help and empower, creating ideal conditions for our customers' futures.

Modern Workplace, Cloud Services, Recruitment or complex digititalization requests with compliance requirements. At the House of IT, our customers find the right expertise for forward-looking projects. Specialized, coordinated and from a single source.

At the House of IT, we have developed an optimized and consistent methodology for supporting our customers over the years. The «Assessment», «Transition» and «Operation» phases help them to better formulate their needs and ensure the outstanding quality of our service.

What we believe in

These are our values when dealing with our customers and with each other in the team.

Team spirit

We support each other with our different skills and learn from each other. In the House of IT, we can make full use of our knowledge and diversified expertise and create a variety of synergies for our customers.


The digital transformation brings with it many changes and demands continuous adaptation from all of us. We also tread new, unknown paths in order to master challenges and offer our customers future-oriented solutions.


Change always offers opportunities. We use the right technologies with commitment, creativity and flexibility for the specific application and develop an optimal solution with maximum added value for the customer.


Trust and reliability are essential for any teamwork. Our holistic consulting approach with a structured and transparent procedure promotes successful cooperation at eye level.

How we behave
respectful - curious - flexible - familiar

We treat ourselves and our customers with respect, value diversity and remain curious about our colleagues' positions and new methods.

What we give
orientation - trust - diversity

The digital age presents many people with the challenge of constantly evolving in the field of technology. We support our customers, explain things clearly and provide orientation and security. In this way, we help them to adopt an agile and digital mindset and ensure their long-term success.

Our mission

We support people in doing value-adding work with digital technologies.

Digitalization is shaping every aspect of economic activity today. The ongoing development of digital technologies creates enormous challenges, but also many opportunities.

We identify the areas of potential that arise when the two components of people and technology are optimally harmonized. Our aim is to make sustainable use of this potential and to give people back valuable resources such as time so that they can devote themselves to more value-adding work.

We support our customers with our technological expertise by providing security, orientation and trust for a digital mindset. We are convinced that this is only possible with the correct and effective use of modern technologies.

Our strengths

We identify the potential that arises when people and technology are in harmony.

Utilizing resources

We strive to make sustainable use of existing potential and thus give people back valuable resources that they can use for value-adding work.

Providing security

We treat our customers with respect and use our expertise and experience to provide them with security, guidance and confidence in the use of innovative digital technologies.

Implementing requirements

We adapt our IT services and solutions perfectly to our customers' requirements and implement them accordingly. This is how we achieve measurable benefits and contribute to the company's success.

Sustainability and environmental awareness within the company

We see ourselves as a sustainable company and integrate considerations of environmental impact, social aspects and governance into all our corporate decisions.

Global climate change is demonstrably one of the greatest challenges facing our society today. That is why a responsible approach to the environment is a matter of course for us.

We are committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, environmental and economic well-being of the global community. That is why we are actively committed to making corresponding improvements in the society in which we operate. In all our activities, we take responsibility and pursue the goal of reducing our CO2 emissions and making an active contribution to climate neutrality.

Primetrack has set itself the following goal:

1. to use at least 95% renewable energy in our data centers by the end of 2028
2. at least 80% of all hardware orders to be delivered collectively instead of individually by the end of 2025

Read our «Sustainability Mission Statement» to find out more about how we consciously act sustainably as a company and what further specific measures and goals we pursue in our day-to-day operations:

Our company history

Find out more about the origins and developments of the Datalynx Group.


2019 - today

Strategic realignment

Datalynx in Switzerland focuses on advancing its customers' goals with IT solutions and ensuring their compliance. The Datalynx Group stands for customer-oriented consulting services with a high standard of quality. The company is growing, which is why we have moved into new offices in the Maison Davidoff in Basel.

2016 - today

Low-code partnership

Datalynx Group enters into a strategic partnership with OutSystems and builds a development team to develop software lean, fast and according to customer needs.

2015 - 2019

Cloud-based analytics solution

Datalynx Holding is investing in a cloud-based analytics solution based on Hadoop and other open source components. The product is being developed with an Asian customer from the pharmaceutical industry in Singapore.

2015 - today

Microsoft Gold Partner

Datalynx becomes a Microsoft Gold Partner for Collaboration and Content, a logical conclusion as we have been supporting SharePoint for our customers since 2010.

2013 - 2015

IaaS service for regulated industries

Datalynx creates a POC for companies based in Switzerland. Based on OpenStack and a pay-as-you-grow model. The cloud service is distributed across three data centers in Switzerland.


The foundation

Datalynx GmbH is founded by Serge Meyer and carries out its first projects in the pharmaceutical industry.




With the new corporate identity, the business areas are intermingled and should be perceived as specific elements in the system house concept as a strong whole. The three companies work closely together, relieve, support and complement each other optimally and thus unite to form the Datalynx Group.

In the corporate design it is shown by the three colours (red, green & blue), which together - when intermingled and combined - also become the «aubergine», i.e., the group colour.


Relocation to new modern office space at Maison Davidoff


Foundation of Loomion AG

Loomion AG is the market leader for board management software. Our solution for digital meeting management includes all essential offerings for successful collaboration and the secure exchange of documents in compliance.


Datalynx Group with 10 national companies


Foundation of Datalynx US in Atlanta


Acquisition of Primetrack AG &
integration into Datalynx Group


Relocation to Steinengraben 22


Foundation of Datalynx Holding AG &
launch of the Datalynx Group


Conversion of Datalynx GmbH
in Datalynx AG


1996 Foundation of Datalynx GmbH in Basel by Serge Meyer

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