Modern, secure and sustainable IT Solutions
developed with tested Technologies

For your IT infrastructure, we rely on innovative technologies that we have tried out ourselves and can recommend.


For our IT solutions and infrastructures, we rely on secure and innovative technologies that we have tested and that add value for our customers.

Always at the cutting edge, we accompany your digitalization, support you in the automation of your business processes and advise you on the selection of software and IT technologies. We always develop our IT infrastructure solutions according to our latest findings.

Keeping track of innovations

Our CTO Stefan Heer has years of experience in the areas of digitalization and technology and is very quick to recognize whether new IT trends and developments have a future. He ensures that our customers can benefit directly from the latest achievements in the field of IT.

Customized applications

With the help of state-of-the-art IT tools, our sister company Datalynx develops individual and innovative IT solutions for your IT infrastructure that keep pace with the times. If off-the-shelf applications cannot meet your requirements, you have come to the right place.

Our favorites

We are currently working particularly intensively with the following technologies because we are convinced of their functionality and sustainability.
However, we are familiar with most technologies and are always open to new, innovative IT solutions.


Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 logo (2022)

Microsoft 365 has everything you need for a Modern Workplace. The diverse tools form the basis for innovative working methods. Thanks to the wide range of functions, it feels as if the whole team is in the office, regardless of where they work. From interactive communication tools to practical tools for increasing efficiency and automating workflows and tasks - Microsoft 365 offers everything an entrepreneur's heart desires. We know how you can make the most of all these possibilities.

Microsoft 365 includes the latest versions of classic Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. Users can install these applications on their desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices, giving them access to their work files from anywhere.

Exchange Online is the cloud-based email service from Microsoft 365, offering features such as secure email communication, calendar sharing, contacts and task management as well as anti-spam and anti-malware protection.

SharePoint Online is a document management and collaboration platform that enables teams to organize, collaborate and share documents and information. SharePoint offers functions such as team websites, document libraries, approval authorizations and workflow integration.

A messaging and collaboration platform that integrates chat, video conferencing, file sharing and teamwork into a single application. Teams enables users to communicate and collaborate in real time, regardless of their location.

The Microsoft 365 cloud storage service that allows users to securely store, synchronize and share files. Each user receives a personal OneDrive library that can be accessed from anywhere.

Microsoft Planner is a task management application that enables teams to create, assign and track tasks. Planner integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft 365 applications such as Teams and SharePoint.

Yammer is a corporate network that enables users to communicate in social groups, exchange ideas and share information. Yammer promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing within organizations.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides a flexible, scalable and trusted cloud platform that enables companies to develop innovative solutions, modernize their IT infrastructure and better achieve their business goals. By using Azure, organizations can improve agility, reduce costs and gain competitive advantage by accessing a variety of services and solutions that can be tailored to their specific needs.

Wir haben die notwendige Erfahrung, um für Sie die bestmögliche Lösung zu definieren und umzusetzen. Microsoft Azure vereinigt unzählige Möglichkeiten auf einer Plattform. Wir stellen Ihnen hier nur einige vor. Kontaktieren Sie uns einfach, wenn Sie konkrete Anforderungen und Wünsche haben.

Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of Infrastructure-as-a-Service services, including virtual machines (VMs), storage, network functions and security services. These services enable companies to operate and scale their IT infrastructure in the cloud without having to purchase and maintain physical hardware.

In addition to IaaS, Azure also offers a variety of platform-as-a-service services that enable developers to create, deploy and scale applications quickly and easily. These include services such as Azure App Service, Azure SQL Database, Azure Functions and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Microsoft offers a range of Software-as-a-Service applications in the cloud, including Dynamics 365 und Microsoft 365. These applications provide productivity, collaboration, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capabilities and allow organizations to access these applications in a flexible and scalable way.

Azure offers a variety of services for data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI), including Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Databricks and Azure Cognitive Services. These services enable companies to store, analyze and visualize data, gain insights from it and develop AI-supported applications.

Azure IoT offers a comprehensive solution for the Internet of Things that enables companies to connect IoT devices, collect and analyze data, and develop intelligent IoT applications. Azure IoT includes services such as Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Central, Azure IoT Edge and Azure Sphere.

Azure offers a range of security and compliance services that enable companies to securely protect their data and applications in the cloud. These include features such as identity and access management, threat protection, encryption, security monitoring and compliance certifications.

Microsoft offers a comprehensive set of DevOps tools and services to help companies optimize their software development and deployment and foster a DevOps culture. The main components of Azure DevOps include Azure Boards for task management, Azure Repos for version control, Azure Pipelines for continuous integration and deployment, Azure Artifacts for package management and Azure Test Plans for test management.

Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender helps organizations improve their IT security, protect data and resources, and meet their compliance requirements. The security platform is designed to protect organizations from a wide range of threats such as malware, viruses, ransomware, phishing attacks and other cyber threats. We will be happy to assess your IT security status and recommend the necessary measures to raise the security of your data and resources to the current optimum level.

Microsoft Defender provides protection for endpoints such as desktop computers, laptops, servers and mobile devices by providing real-time protection, threat detection and defense and -abwehr, exploit protection, firewall and device management.

Microsoft Defender uses advanced threat detection and prevention technologies, including machine learning and AI to detect suspicious activity, isolate and neutralize threats, and respond quickly to security incidents. Features such as automated investigation and recovery shorten the response time to security incidents.

Microsoft Defender includes identity and access management capabilities to protect user accounts, sensitive data and resources through multi-factor authentication, identity monitoring, privileged access management and access controls.

Microsoft Defender provides Schutz für Cloud-Ressourcen und –services including Microsoft Azure. By providing security policies, threat detection and defense, identity and access management, and compliance and privacy capabilities, Microsoft Defender protects cloud infrastructure and data from cyber threats.

Microsoft Defender provides a centralized security management console that enables organizations to configure their security policies, monitor and analyze security incidents, investigate and respond to threats, and meet compliance and audit requirements.

Apple integration

We integrate Apple products seamlessly into your IT environment. Whether you already use Apple products in your company or are new to the world of Apple, as an authorized Apple partner we have the expertise and experience to integrate your Apple devices and solutions into your existing IT infrastructure and exploit the full potential of Apple products.

We advise you on the selection of the right Apple products and solutions and support you in the planning and implementation of your integration projects.

Our experienced technicians ensure that the integration of the Apple solution runs smoothly and that all systems function as desired.

We also provide support for your Apple devices and solutions. For example, we can help you set up user accounts, configure devices, monitor performance and resolve problems.

We offer training for your employees to ensure that they are familiar with the Apple products and solutions you use and can use them effectively.

VMware – Server Virtualization

VMware ist ein führender Anbieter von Virtualisierungssoftware, die es Unternehmen ermöglicht, Serverressourcen effizient zu nutzen, Anwendungen flexibel bereitzustellen, die Ausfallsicherheit zu verbessern und die Verwaltung ihrer IT-Infrastruktur zu vereinfachen. Mehrere virtuelle Betriebssysteme können auf einem einzigen physischen Server ausgeführt werden. Dabei werden die Ressourcen des Servers effizient genutzt, Anwendungen können unabhängig voneinander arbeiten, und die Bereitstellung sowie Skalierung von Anwendungen werden vereinfacht. Dies erhöht die Flexibilität, erleichtert die Verwaltung und verbessert die Ausfallsicherheit von IT-Systemen. Mit VMware-Technologien können Unternehmen ihre IT-Infrastruktur optimieren, die Betriebskosten senken und die Flexibilität und Skalierbarkeit ihrer IT-Umgebung verbessern.

With VMware vSphere, companies can consolidate their physical servers into virtual machines (VMs) and thus increase the utilization of their servers, reduce operating costs and improve the flexibility of their IT infrastructure.

With VMware Horizon, organizations can deploy and manage virtual desktops and applications to increase user productivity, improve security and simplify endpoint management.

With the VMware vRealize Suite, companies can efficiently manage and automate private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments to optimize cloud resource utilization and increase IT efficiency.

With VMware NSX companies can virtualize and automate their network. This speeds up the provision of network services, improves security and reduces operating costs.

Citrix – Network Virtualization


Citrix allows you to virtualize your network infrastructure, improving flexibility, scalability and security.

With Citrix, you can design your network flexibly by virtualizing network services and
resources. This makes it possible to react quickly to changing requirements and implement new network configurations without having to reconfigure physical hardware.

By virtualizing network resources, resource utilization can be optimized and network efficiency improved. By consolidating network services and devices on shared platforms, hardware costs can be lowered and operating costs reduced.

Network virtualization makes it possible to scale networks quickly and easily and adapt them to increasing workload requirements. Additional capacity can be added flexibly to cope with peak loads without having to carry out expensive hardware upgrades.

Citrix improves network security by isolating and segmenting network services
and resources. By implementing virtual firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS/IPS) and other security functions, networks are protected from threats and sensitive company data is secured.

The central management consoles and automation functions from Citrix allow network resources to be configured, managed and monitored efficiently. This also reduces operating costs.

Cisco – Network Solutions

Cisco is a leading global provider of networking technologies and solutions that empower organizations with reliable, secure, scalable and high-performance networks.

Cisco offers a wide range of networking products and services to modernize IT infrastructure that meet the highest standards for performance, security and scalability.

Cisco offers a comprehensive range of routing and switching solutions for setting up and managing high-performance and reliable networks.

Citrix wireless networking solutions provide the flexibility and mobility needed to deploy and manage wireless networks with seamless connectivity and outstanding user experience.

Cisco is a leading provider of network security solutions that protect networks and data from a wide range of threats, including malware, phishing attacks and data theft.

With Citrix SDN solutions, networks can be automated, virtualized and programmed to accelerate the provision of services and improve flexibility. Operating costs can also be reduced.

Citrix Cloud Networking solutions enable seamless integration of public, private and hybrid cloud environments, ensuring consistent connectivity, performance and security.

PRTG – Network Monitoring

PRTG Network Monitoring is a comprehensive network monitoring software that can be used to monitor and manage the performance, availability and security of IT infrastructures.

PRTG offers a wide range of monitoring functions for network devices, servers, applications, virtual environments, cloud services and more. The status of the entire IT infrastructure can be monitored in real time so that potential problems can be detected at an early stage.

The PRTG interface is very user-friendly and intuitive. Monitoring data can be easily visualized, analyzed and managed. Individual dashboards and user-defined alarms can be set up to provide information about critical events within the IT infrastructure.

PRTG is scalable and flexible and can be customized for environments of any size to meet specific monitoring and reporting requirements.

User-defined alerts can be set up to send notifications as soon as certain thresholds are exceeded or problems become apparent. This makes it possible to react proactively to problems and minimize downtime.

PRTG can be seamlessly integrated into other IT systems and tools - such as helpdesk and ticketing systems or management tools. This makes it possible to synchronize monitoring data with other systems and gain comprehensive insights into the entire IT infrastructure.

Sophos – Security Solutions

Sophos offers comprehensive security solutions that provide reliable protection against increasing cyber threats.

The comprehensive security suite from Sophos covers all aspects of IT security, including network and endpoint security, encryption, web and email security, mobile device management (MDM) and more.

Sophos solutions are characterized by simple integration and administration. The centralized management console enables IT administrators to efficiently control all security functions from a single platform.

Sophos uses a combination of traditional signatures and modern technologies, such as machine learning and behavioral analysis, to protect companies from known and unknown threats. This enables threats to be detected and blocked at an early stage.

Cloud security solutions and cloud-based firewalls ensure the security of IT infrastructures in the cloud.

Sophos continuously invests in research and development to improve the security solutions it offers and adapt them to changing threats. In this way, Sophos offers customers access to the latest and most advanced security technologies.

3CX – Voice over IP

3CX is a modern telephony solution that reduces communication costs, increases efficiency and improves employee productivity.

With 3CX VoIP, you can make calls over the Internet. IP telephony reduces communication costs, even for international calls.

3CX offers a wide range of communication functions, such as call forwarding and recording, voicemail, conference calls, instant messaging and more. This enables companies to make their communication more efficient and improve collaboration between employees.

3CX VoIP is very flexible and scalable and can be easily adapted to the requirements of companies of any size. The number of users and lines can be increased or reduced as required and new functions and integrations can be easily added.

3CX integrates seamlessly with other business applications and systems, such as CRM systems, helpdesk software, email platforms and more.

3CX places great emphasis on security and reliability and offers features such as encryption, firewall traversal and failover support to ensure the security and availability of communications. In addition, regular updates and patches are offered to keep the platform up to date and protect against potential security risks.


HaloPSA is a provider of the PSA software of the same name, Professional Service Automation, which is specially designed for managed service providers. HaloPSA offers a wide range of integrated functions and is to a certain extent an all-in-one solution that combines all the necessary tools in one place and is particularly suitable for SMEs. We present the main functions of the software here.

Capture all business processes in a single cloud-based system so your team can manage and track all assets, invoices, projects and tickets easily and clearly.

HaloPSA is suitable for the management of simple projects through to complex portfolio management. Use the live view of all projects for an optimal and transparent overview.

Keep track of your workload by recording and organizing projects and tasks for the entire team in a centralized system. Integrate your apps, synchronize calendars, assign tasks to team members and stay up to date on the progress and completion of assigned tasks. HaloPSA's built-in collaboration tools help you stay connected as a team, meet deadlines and manage projects effectively. 

Automatically track time for various customer interactions to ensure 100% accurate billing for paid work.

Track your assets and visualize dependencies between configuration items. Identify and log incidents and problems related to assets and identify systemic errors before they lead to major incidents.

Catalog and track inventory controls and cost analysis for easy traceability and seamless service. Create items manually or import them from an existing database.

Control what is sold to your customers. Track appointments and documents, or go one step further and check what, where and how is billed in accordance with the contract data.

Benefit from the simple management of incidents and compliance with SLAs thanks to integrated incident management. The automation of workflows and the centralization of communication are very easy with HaloPSA.

Organize, manage and track customer accounts with a single business-wide view. This way, your teams are always on the same level of knowledge and can provide customers with optimal and personalized support.

Track calls, emails and contact history in a centralized system so you have full visibility and control over the sales team's schedule and availability.

Take advantage of the possibilities of an integrated and flexibly customizable self-service portal. End users can access their own requests, create tickets and find solutions in knowledge base articles. This offers a great customer experience and relieves the service and support team at the same time.

Technologies that we have tested and approved

When developing your personal IT solution, we only use tried and tested technologies that we recommend and use ourselves.

«Companies have very different requirements and needs. We find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for each customer, which can also be easily scaled to meet changing requirements.»
Stephan Fredrich, CEO Primetrack AG
«Companies have very different requirements and needs. We find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for each customer, which can also be easily scaled to meet changing requirements.»
Stephan Fredrich, CEO Primetrack AG
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