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How to reach us

Our support staff is dedicated to helping our customers quickly and easily so that they can continue their work without interruption.
Therefore, don't waste too much time looking for a solution on your own - we are here to help you!
We set very high standards for ourselves. We therefore do everything in our power to fulfill the services set out in our Service Level Agreements :

Our support services are divided into three different performance levels:

1st level support

1st level support

This is the first point of contact for all concerns. Our competent employees in 1st level support handle typical and easy-to-solve service desk cases such as resetting passwords, managing authorizations or installing applications. More difficult requests are forwarded to 2nd or 3rd level support.

2nd level support

2nd level support

The employees of this 2nd support level take on somewhat more complex issues. These include software and connection problems, computer crashes or troubleshooting. For other cases that require more time and whose solution is very demanding, our 3rd level support is responsible.

3rd Level Support

3rd Level Support

This is where our specialists and experts for particularly complex and time-consuming cases work, each of whom is responsible for very specific areas and develops individual solutions for you.

Suspected cyber attack?

Take action immediately if you feel you have been the victim of a cyber attack. It's urgent!

What you can do:

What we can do for you:

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