The innovative walk-in support center

Fast and reliable trouble shooting on site

Your walk-in support center - tailored specifically to your needs

The Primetrack walk-in support center is an innovative solution for reliable in-house IT support. In this managed service we move into premises at your site. This physical presence enables us to provide the best possible IT support directly and immediately. 
This service is available up close and personal to all employees of your company, without prior registration or additional effort.

The benefits of the walk-in support center

The service portfolio of the walk-in support center is diverse and will be adapted precisely to your company's needs.

The walk-in support center is the first point of contact for your employees for IT inquiries and problems.

The requests are received and processed directly. This enables a high immediate solution rate. The center is thus an innovative combination of "Single Point of Information", 1st level support & 2nd level support as well as field support.

For each request, a ticket will be created and - if necessary - be forwarded to other teams, e.g. the IT Infrastructure team.

For your employees, the walk-in support center also acts as a point of contact for to purchase new equipment such as laptops and smartphones as well as for peripheral devices such as mouse and keyboard, power cables and adapters.

In the event of hardware problems, the walk-in support center provides fast remedy, repairs can be carried out directly on site. In addition, devices can be replaced to ensure your employees do not suffer time loss.

Competent support directly on site is the great strength of the walk-in support center. Our IT support employees work according to the "hands-on" mentality. Requests are processed and solved together with the user directly at the end device. This uncomplicated type of support ensures a high level of satisfaction among your employees.

In the walk-in support center we also accept "how to" requests. Our IT support staff can advise and support you with their broad knowledge as well as instructions and user guides.

Examples of an information request would be the following requests:

Where can I find document templates?

How can I edit a text with Adobe Acrobat?

Which browser should I use?

The walk-in support center can serve as a central location for the management and support of mobile devices. We take care of the installation, issue, repair, replacement and disposal of the devices and follow your specifications. 

Our IT support staff are also happy to help with "how-to" queries on the subject of smartphones.

Obtaining equipment for new employees joining your company is easy with the walk-in support center. Laptops, peripherals and mobile devices can be obtained easily and set up and customized together with a support employee. This ensures a good start for new employees in your company.

Your benefits

By trusting in our services, your company benefits of our IT teams core competencies - allowing you to focus on your own core competencies.

Service experience

At the important interface between users and IT, it is crucial to provide excellent service experience. This is where IT can differentiate itself as a strong service provider and provide your company with simple, fast and uncomplicated support.

Friendly and competent

Our trained IT support staff are dynamic and flexible, and the constant training and further education of our employees ensures friendly and motivated commitment, even for complex problems.

Simple and efficient transition phase

The transition phase to an external IT partner can be made short and easy with our support. Our service managers work with state-of-the-art process and project management methods to design and implement the transition together with you.

Supervised service

Being a managed IT service, our walk-in support is fully taken care of by us. Our service manager acts as your personal SPOC (Single Point of Contact) who addresses all of your questions. Meeting all service levels, goals and KPI's is a matter of course for us.

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