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wir unterstützen auch Ihre IT-Abteilung, egal ob Kleinstunternehmen, KMU oder Grossunternehmen

Scalable, competent and efficient

Guarantee of productivity in the workplace requires a competent and effective IT service desk in every company.

We develop customized service concepts from your requirements so that your company can concentrate on its core competencies.

Our goal is to optimize the productivity of the IT workplace at the end user and thereby save your company hidden costs.

1st level & 2nd level support
Single point of contact for all IT requests (SPOC)
Certified IT professionals (ITIL, MCSA, ACMT, etc.)
Modern ticketing system
Dispatching (first solution rate above 80%)
Monthly reports (solution rate, trends, etc.)
Flexible models (e.g. monthly for rent)
Transparency thanks to calculable costs
Service level agreement

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Included services

1st & 2nd level remote support
Service management
Reaction time < 90min
Ticketing system
Knowledge base
Further service levels



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Your benefits

By trusting in our services, your company benefits of our IT teams core competencies - allowing you to focus on your own core competencies.

Direct support

Our service manager acts as your personal SPOC (Single Point of Contact) who addresses all of your questions and who is responsible for fulfilling all service levels, goals and KPIs.

High accessibility

Your service desk is available 24/7 via phone, e-mail, web portal and chat. Our high level of availability and a maximum initial resolution rate guarantees a low effort for your and your employees.

Simple and efficient transition phase

The transition phase to an external IT partner can be made short and easy with our support. Our service managers work with state-of-the-art process and project management methods to design and implement the transition together with you.

Our expertise in your company

Our IT support staff has broad knowledge and many years of experience, so why not take advantage of our expertise in your company?

Our services for your company

Our service portfolio is diverse and scalable to fit your business needs.

The SPOI is the first point of contact for all enquiries. Our experienced IT support staff handles all incoming requests via phone, email, web portal and chat. For each request, an electronic ticket will be recorded and classified. General enquiries will be processed and resolved on initial contact.

At the SPOI, the electronic tickets are then distributed to the respective teams. All tickets are monitored by us until they are finally resolved to ensure compliance with service levels. In other words, we take responsibility for the entire ticket lifecycle.

1st level support is an integral part of the IT service desk and the first instance which handles your requests. At Primetrack, the acceptance of customer requests (Single Point of Information) and the 1st level support is provided by the same people to ensure a high first time resolution rate.

Typical use cases, that can be solved by 1st level support, are password resets, administration of authorizations or installation of applications.

Requests that require the attention of our IT specialists are passed on to 2nd level support. Due to the many years of experience of our IT support staff, our service desk can efficiently solve 2nd level support requests. This leads to a significant relief of the on-site IT team. As with 1st level support, the solution is sought via remote, which helps to minimize costs.

2nd level support use cases are characterized by the fact that troubleshooting is required. To solve complex requests such as software problems, connectivity issues and/or computer crashes.

Service requests are, for example, the administration of user accounts and access rights, the resetting of passwords or the installation of applications. These requests are structured and processed according to modern ITIL processes, which guarantees a smooth workflow without additional effort on your part.

In information request management, we accept "how-to" requests. Our IT support staff can advise and support you with their broad knowledge as well as instructions and user guides.

Examples of an information request would be the following requests:

Where can I find document templates?

How can I edit a text with Adobe Acrobat?

Which browser should I use?

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