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Reliable on-site

We solve IT issues flexibly, effectively and exactly there, where your are

Competent on-site support

Our field support team provides IT support on site.

Inquiries that cannot be resolved remotely by the service desk are passed on to field support. The on-site team handles them fast and easy.


Our field support service

We support you on site regarding peripherals, workstations and IT infrastructure.

Our IT field support handles on-site issues that cannot be solved remotely. In addition, the field support is responsible for the so-called "IMACD" process.IMACD» Process.

I.M.A.C.D. is the abbreviation for install, move, add, change and dispose. The «IMACD» Process includes the preparation and commissioning of new workstation devices as well as the expansion of a workstation and the replacement of individual workstation devices. We also provide additional support when a user moves. At the end of the life cycle of a workstation device, it is disposed of properly. this is disposed of properly.

Hardware problems at the workplace or at your IT infrastructure often cannot be solved remotely. This is where our hardware fix process kicks in. The faulty or damaged device is repaired or replaced on-site. We thus avoid long and annoying waiting times and ensure that you can work seamlessly.

Examples of hardware fix cases would be damaged peripherals, broken laptops and computers, as well as IT infrastructure issues such as servers and storage devices.

If software problems cannot be solved remotely by 1st level or 2nd level support, our software fix process comes into action. To avoid a long and complicated software repair, we analyze the situation on site. We provide a quick solution and save time and nerves.

Examples of software fix cases would be operating system errors, corrupted applications, and licensing issues.

Your benefits

Benefit from our IT field supporters compentece in your company.

ITIL standards

Our services and processes are based on ITIL standards. Thus, our service management ensures that the agreed quality is met for all existing services.

Direct support

Our service manager acts as your personal SPOC (Single Point of Contact) who addresses all of your questions and who is responsible for fulfilling all service levels, goals and KPIs.

Tailored to your company

We don't believe in a "one size fits all" approach. Instead, based on our years of experience with a wide variety of companies, we tailor our services to your needs.

Friendly and competent

Our trained IT field support team of experts is dynamic and flexible. With constant training and further education of our employees, we ensure friendly and motivated deployment, even for complex problems.

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Do you have any questions? We are available for a personal conversation with you.

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