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Our IT Support

We use our extensive IT experience, versatile skills and in-depth expert know-how to bring your IT support to the high level of quality you have always wanted.

It is not without reason that we enjoy the trust of companies of all sizes and from a wide range of industries and have a convincing track record.

We take care of your IT concerns - you and your employees can concentrate on your core competencies.

Our services for you:

Friendly, efficient and competent IT support - either as IT Service Desk and IT Field Support or as a premium solution: the Walk-in Support Center for all IT matters directly at your premises.

IT Service Desk

A central point of contact for all IT matters. Your employees get the support they need quickly and easily.

Our business environment is largely based on digitalized processes. Technical problems can occur at any time. They have one thing in common: They require a quick solution in order to reduce work interruptions and the associated costs for the company to a minimum. Rapid action is therefore required, for which the company's own IT team does not always have the necessary capacity. 

It is essential that employees know exactly how to place their IT concerns directly in the right place. This is where we come in. As a Single Point of Contact (SPoC) for all IT issues, our professional IT Service Desk can provide you with the support you need to overcome your challenges. Our individual service concepts aim to optimize end user productivity, minimize time lost due to malfunctions and thus save companies money.


Our IT Service Desk Portfolio

High initial resolution rate at the single point of contact

As a single point of contact, our IT Service Desk competently receives all your employees' IT concerns and can resolve most faults immediately and completely. All inquiries are received centrally via telephone, email, chat or web portal, correctly triaged and forwarded to the right contact person with the necessary expertise for a quick solution via a ticketing system.

More time for the core business

Especially at peak times, it is difficult for your own IT organization to process all incoming requests satisfactorily without long waiting times. The result: disgruntled employees who are unable to continue working - time that is later lost. Our service relieves your IT employees so that they can focus on their core competencies and have time for projects and other tasks.

Scalable models and capacities

We develop modular and scalable service models tailored to your requirements and needs. Our IT Service Desk with competent, certified and multilingual IT specialists supports and relieves your IT organization efficiently and cost-effectively, with up to 24/7 availability. We make the transition to an external IT Service Desk simple and smooth. This allows you to polish up the image of your IT department and save costs at the same time.

Ticketing system

We work with a modern ticket system with accurate triaging and monthly reports on resolution rates, trends, etc. This means that you and we always have an overview of whether the current IT support is still in line with your needs or should be adjusted.

Qualified employees

Qualified and certified (ITIL, MCSA, ACMT etc.) IT specialists from Switzerland and Austria work at our IT Service Desk. All of them speak German and English. Many of them also speak other languages.

Transparent costs

We work with flexible models (e.g. monthly rental) based on service level agreements. The costs for using our IT Service Desk are transparent and can be viewed by you at any time. You can use our calculator to calculate a guide price for the approximate costs based on the total of your monthly tickets.

IT Service Desk Calculator

Calculate the target price for your company by yourself.

* Prices are in CHF excl. VAT and are indicative.

Included services

  • 1st & 2nd level remote support
  • Service management
  • Reaction time< 60min
  • Ticketing system
  • Knowledge base
  • Further service levels


At over 600 tickets, click «Continue» to get a custom quote.

Our support levels at the Service Desk

Efficient 1st level support is the basis for excellent service and the calling card of IT. Our experienced IT Service Desk employees solve simple issues such as resetting passwords, managing authorizations or installing applications quickly, remotely and completely from the very first contact.

More complex issues are forwarded directly to our IT experts with the necessary know-how who specialize in different subject areas. Cases for 2nd level support are software or connection problems that often require lengthy troubleshooting. In many cases, issues can also be resolved quickly and remotely. This relieves your internal 2nd and 3rd level support and frees up time for your specialists to solve in-depth problems and work on projects.

This is where our specialists and experts for particularly complex and time-consuming cases work, each of whom is responsible for very specific areas and develops individual solutions for you.

The framework conditions for the services provided by our IT Service Desk are contractually agreed in the individual Service Level Agreement and are used for quality assurance. We jointly agree the individual parameters and requirement targets of your Service Desk, such as response times, first call resolution rate, support types and levels, service times, availability and the measurement of customer satisfaction. We use our measurement methods to ensure that the levels are strictly adhered to.

Some of our standard service levels:
>80% First Call Resolution for software from the standard catalog
>80% pick-up rate under 30 seconds
<60 minutes response time

First Call Resolution

> 1 %
Pick-up rate
> 1 %
Reaction time
< 1 min.

IT Field Support

Competent, friendly and efficient support from our experienced employees on site.

If you use both our IT Service Desk and our IT Field Support Service, any issues that cannot be resolved remotely will be transferred directly to IT Field Support and processed promptly.

Even the most competent service desk agents cannot solve all IT issues remotely. Sometimes, albeit rarely, on-site support is required to resolve problems quickly and get work equipment back up and running as soon as possible. Our experienced IT Field Support team provides you with uncomplicated and competent support and takes on all tasks that cannot be solved directly by the IT Service Desk.

Our Field Support will also take care of all tasks relating to the IMACD Process for you. The abbreviation stands for «Install, Move, Add, Change and Dispose» and covers all activities from the commissioning and preparation of new devices at the workplace, the expansion of the workplace and the replacement of individual devices, the relocation of a user, through to proper disposal at the end of the device life cycle.

Hardware fix

Bei fehlerhaften oder beschädigten Geräten am Arbeitsplatz oder innerhalb Ihrer Infrastruktur reparieren wir das Gerät direkt vor Ort, wenn dies möglich ist. Ansonsten tauschen wir es umgehend aus. So vermeiden wir lange Warte- und Leerzeiten und sorgen dafür, dass beinahe nahtlos weitergearbeitet werden kann. Beispiele für solche Fälle sind beschädigte Peripheriegeräte, Laptops und Computer, aber auch Probleme innerhalb der IT-Infrastruktur – z. B. mit Servern oder Storage-Geräten.

Software fix

Viele Softwareprobleme können direkt remote vom 1st oder 2nd Level Support gelöst werden. In anderen Fällen ist dies nicht möglich. Dann wird die Situation vor Ort analysiert und eine schnelle Lösung gesucht, damit rasch weitergearbeitet werden kann. Beispiele dafür sind Fehler in Betriebssystemen, beschädigte Anwendungen oder auch Probleme mit der Lizenzierung.

Direct contact person

In any case, your employees will have a direct line to our IT support team and a specific contact person who will deal with their problem in a friendly and competent manner and find a solution.

Walk-in Support Center

The premium support solution tailored to your individual needs at your premises. Friendliness, competence and efficiency ensure a perfect service experience for your employees.

Are you looking for reliable and competent in-house IT support? Then you've come to the right place. We offer you a «Walk-in Support Center» as a managed service that we adapt perfectly to your needs. The team we put together for you will move into premises on your premises and provide the best possible IT support.

No more long waiting and idle times: In the event of IT problems, your employees always have a personal contact person on site without prior notification and receive immediate help.

Our portfolio: you choose what you currently need

The Walk-in Support Center is the point of contact for all IT issues, regardless of the problem. This means your employees don't have to think about where to go when they have a problem. This saves valuable time. Here you have 1st and 2nd level support and field support combined, the optimal solution for trouble-free IT operations.

We create a ticket for every issue. This means that no IT problem gets «lost» and employees can check the status of their issue at any time. If, in exceptional cases, a ticket cannot be resolved by the walk-in support team, it is immediately forwarded to a team member with the necessary knowledge and finally processed.

The Walk-in Support Center also acts as a point of contact for your employees when it comes to new devices, regardless of whether they are notebooks or smartphones or peripheral devices such as keyboards, computer mice, power cables or adapters. If it is still possible to repair the device, this will be carried out directly on site. If the repair is too time-consuming for the employee, the device will be replaced immediately if possible.

If it is still possible to repair the device, this will be carried out directly on site. If the repair is too time-consuming for the employee, the appliance will be replaced immediately if possible.

Whenever possible, problems are solved directly on the user's end device. This uncomplicated and fast support is greatly appreciated by employees. And satisfied employees are one of the most important factors for the company's success.

The team is also happy to answer general questions about IT and provide further assistance. Our employees have a wealth of knowledge and are happy to provide support with instructions, user guides or specific tips and tricks. Where can I find document templates? Which browser should I use? How can I edit text with Adobe Acrobat? How do I install a screen saver? The Center will be happy to explain how to do it.

The Walk-in Support Center also takes care of the management and support of the company's own mobile devices: we issue, install, repair, replace and dispose of them exactly according to your specifications. And, of course, we are also happy to answer questions about the use of mobile devices - particularly frequently on the subject of smartphones.

Your employees can easily obtain new devices of all kinds (notebooks, peripherals, smartphones, etc.) from the Walk-in Support Center. The team sets up the new devices ready for use and customizes them. This also ensures that new employees are immediately ready for use when they start.


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