Secure Storage and Sharing of Passwords

Protect your accounts – both for business and for private use

To secure your passwords

We have an excellent password management solution for businesses that allows you and your employees to store and retrieve truly secure passwords in a convenient and protected way.

The Challenge

Today, every user needs many different passwords, both at work and at home. Due to this abundance of passwords, many users find it very difficult to remember them. The result: passwords are either written down somewhere easily accessible to unauthorised persons or a single password is used for many different services. This careless handling of passwords can lead to major problems.

In the professional environment, there are additional challenges and increased security risks. For example, professional passwords often need to be able to be shared with a whole group of users.

The approach

The use of password managers is now an accepted practice for the secure handling of passwords. They allow the use of strong and difficult-to-crack passwords, the sharing of passwords among multiple users when necessary, and also offer other security features.

As long as passwords are used to secure accounts, using a password manager is the best way to secure your data and your employees' accounts.

Our service

The Prime Password Manager service offers you the possibility to manage and store your passwords in an extremely secure way, without you and your employees having to remember umpteen long and complex passwords.

In addition to the application, using our password manager will also provide you with further useful information and assistance on best practice in the use of passwords and on setting up and installing the application on all devices used by the company.

Passwords are a matter of trust! The solution we use never saves your passwords as «plain text», but always as an encrypted file. Passwords are only transmitted to us in this way. You can therefore trust that your passwords are kept safe with us.

For particularly security-conscious customers and especially sensitive areas, we also offer data storage in a professional Swiss data centre.

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