Strong against Phishing Attacks with targeted Awareness Training

We sensitise your employees with test cases individually created for you and your challenges.

Minimising the risk of phishing emails

Train your employees regularly so that they can better recognize phishing emails and other cyber attacks. With Prime Awareness, we have a phishing simulation solution for you that we can tailor perfectly to your requirements!

The Challenge

Unfortunately, phishing emails have become a daily reality. Every user has the unwanted, harmful or fraudulent emails in their inbox on a regular basis. Some are easy to spot, while others are deceptively genuine.

If a user accidentally clicks on the links of such a message or follows the instructions contained therein (for example, he transfers money), the damage is often immense!

The approach

Phishing simulations offer users the opportunity to learn without risk how to recognise phishing emails of different quality levels and what they have to pay special attention to when analysing their incoming messages. In this way, users are sensitised to the topic of cybersecurity in general.

In phishing simulations, messages are deliberately sent that correspond to the typical patterns and characteristics of phishing emails in order to test and analyze user behavior. This makes it clear which emails users are most likely to «fall for» and suitable training measures can be developed and implemented.

The analysis of the messages (which is carried out anonymously) provides the company management with information as to whether training measures are currently necessary or whether particularly critical situations and constellations regularly occur in everyday business life that can and should be defused.

Our service

With Prime Awareness you receive a professional solution for the implementation of
phishing simulations. Our goal is to send simulated phishing emails
to all employees in your organization at irregular intervals,
thus keeping their awareness at a constantly high level. This allows us to identify
and measure how well your employees are positioned
in terms of detecting and dealing with phishing emails.

We discuss the content of the emails with you so that the messages sent are optimally adapted to your organisation and your requirements. After completion of the simulation, you will receive a report with the evaluations prepared for you and an analysis of the security behaviour of your employees when receiving email messages.

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