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What we do

An efficient, reliable infrastructure is essential for IT operations. We guarantee a flawless, fail-safe and scalable infrastructure - so you can concentrate fully on your day-to-day business.

Whether physical server and storage architecture or virtual environments - our technical experts advise you in the conception and design of modern solutions and the optimization of your existing infrastructure and processes as well as in day-to-day operations.

Our services

Our customizable service portfolio supports your business processes.

We advise you on the maintenance and expansion of your IT infrastructure. 

Our experts find suitable solutions for your company and thus ensure the quality and efficiency of your IT operations.

We support and maintain physical, partially virtualized and completely virtualized infrastructure solutions according to your requirements.

A modern IT workplace is a central and important part of the daily routine for all employees of a company, and we support you in setting up, maintaining and moving IT workplaces. 

We work according to the principle of "Workplace as a Service". We focus on your needs and offer physical IT workstations at your site, but also "Virtual Desktop Environment" solutions as well as hybrid solutions of physical and virtual.

Our client management service also includes "mobile device management". We help you to create security, transparency and control in the use of smartphones and tablets. We use state-of-the-art mobile device management solutions and support you in the planning, integration and operation of mobile devices in your company.

The design and implementation of server & storage solutions in the IT environment of companies is one of our core competencies in the area of IT infrastructure. 

Our offer includes the setup and maintenance of physical "on-site" hardware as well as virtual "Infrastructure as a Service" solutions. This offer is scalable and will be adapted to your needs. Since we have our own data center available, we can also offer hybrid solutions. Through our monitoring we increase the high availability and reliability of your infrastructure. high availability and reliability your infrastructure.

We also advise and support you in the selection, implementation and maintenance of storage strategies and systems. we design backup & recovery solutions for you, take care of data migration and increase the availability of your systems through individual service and technical support. Your data remains in our data center in switzerland. We operate strictly according to ITIL standards and the swiss data protection act (DSG).

Network & security are very general terms, but they have a great importance for your business. It depends strongly on your field of activity which requirements you have in this area.

A flawless and trouble-resistant IT network is crucial for every company to ensure that work processes can be carried out smoothly. We support you in finding the ideal solution - LAN, WLAN, WAN or VPN. The reliability, speed and security of your network are particularly important to our team of experts.

Together with you, we develop solutions for a secure corporate network. We analyze your situation and advise you on the expansion and implementation of IT security concepts.
Protection against attackers is our top priority. No matter whether DDos attacks, attacks with a virus or the more complex man-in-the-middle attacks. We develop test scenarios, carry out security assessments and penetration tests and thus close your security gaps sustainably.

We support you not only with the integration and commissioning of IT infrastructure, but also take care of all support requests afterwards. Our IT service desk accepts your inquiries, our IT field support supports you on site. Learn more about our IT services.

Efficient communication and collaboration in teams and with employees is easier than ever with modern tools and applications. Integrating such tools into your company is a challenge where we can advise and support you. We know the hardware and software which is necessary to make your collaboration independent of time and place. Even after a successful integration into your company's daily routine we support and advise you during operation and for training purposes.

There are many communication tools which we can tailor to you and your needs. For example Microsoft Teams and Zoom, we also support you with Exchange Online as well as telephony & "Voice over IP".

Your benefits

A powerful IT infrastructure that is individually tailored to your company supports business processes sustainably.

Stable infrastructure

A powerful infrastructure ensures that your data and applications are always secure and available as quickly as possible. We guarantee the availability and stability of your IT.

Data security

The security of your data is our top priority. As an expert in data protection and data security, we naturally ensure compliance with all swiss and european regulations (DSGVO).

Expert know-how

Our technically experienced specialists have many years of practical experience, are always up-to-date and advise you on all your questions.

Smooth transition

Using the most modern process and project management methods, we ensure that the transition to your daily operations is successful - quickly, simply and sustainably.

ITIL standards

Our services and processes are based on ITIL standards, ensuring that we always meet or exceed the quality criteria agreed with you.

Customer proximity

Your personal contact will advise you flexibly on site and individually tailored to your needs.

Other IT services

Learn more about other IT services.

IT service desk

With a tailor-made service desk concept, we provide competent and effective IT support.

IT field support

Our field support provides direct and uncomplicated IT support at your site.

walk-in support center

The Primetrack walk-in support center is an innovative solution for reliable in-house IT support.

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Head IT service center

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