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We offer you all the services you need for perfect IT operations:
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IT Infrastructure

A well-designed, powerful and stable infrastructure is the basis for secure and trouble-free IT operations that optimally support business processes.

With their many years of project experience in small, medium-sized and large companies in many sectors, our proven experts will provide you with competent advice on setting up and expanding your IT infrastructure. They always plan enough time to thoroughly analyze the current situation and precisely define the target state.

We don't sell you an off-the-shelf solution, but rather a detailed look at your individual situation and build the optimum infrastructure for your IT - physical, virtual or semi-virtual, depending on what is better suited to your needs.

How do we proceed?

We analyze the ACTUAL status of your IT operations, identify gaps and weaknesses and define possible measures for optimization.

Analysis of the current situation

We carry out a detailed review and recording of the ACTUAL status, note your requirements and make a list of weak points and deficits. To complete the picture, we talk to both IT managers and employees/end users.

From the ACTUAL to the TARGET situation

Based on the identified gaps and weaknesses that prevent the TARGET situation from being achieved, we define the risks and draw up a list of steps and optimization potentials as well as the corresponding measures to achieve the TARGET goal.

Your individual solution and its implementation

We create a clear report for you with proposed solutions and a concrete recommendation on how you should proceed according to our experience in order to create the perfect, sustainable and growing IT infrastructure for you and your needs. We will be happy to consult with you, define the next steps and implement the measures that you want to put in place.

IT Operations

We make sure that your IT operations - and therefore your business processes - run like clockwork.

Our work does not end with the creation or adaptation of your IT infrastructure. A well-designed, efficient and stable infrastructure is the basis for secure IT operations. However, to ensure that it continues to function smoothly and securely in the long term, the IT infrastructure must be continuously monitored, maintained and regularly updated. We are proven experts in this field.

If you wish, we can take care of the flawless operation of your IT infrastructure and handle the entire maintenance and monitoring of all devices and software involved. We do this so well that you are only marginally concerned with IT and can use your time for more important tasks. If a problem does arise, we will provide you with a personal contact person who will immediately find a solution.

Managed Services

For perfect support, to guarantee trouble-free IT operations and the constant and sustainable optimization of your IT infrastructure, we offer you numerous managed services from which you can flexibly put together your individual package according to your requirements and wishes:

Client Management

The main objective of our client management is to ensure that all end devices in your company are operated efficiently, that the security of your data is guaranteed at all times and that user requirements are reliably met. Put your trust in our many years of experience and expertise in client management and let us optimize and manage your IT infrastructure.

This service includes the installation, updating and uninstallation of software on the end devices. It comprises operating systems, applications, drivers and patches. Effective software management closes security gaps and avoids compatibility problems. It also optimizes the performance of your end devices and the efficiency of your employees.

We manage the configuration settings on your end devices. This includes network settings, user profiles, security settings and device usage guidelines. A consistent and standardized configuration facilitates the overall management of end devices.

This service includes the management of all end devices in your company: We record all device information such as type, model, serial number and configuration. Precise inventory management provides you with a complete overview of your end devices so that you can use your resources efficiently and better plan any necessary new purchases.

By implementing suitable security measures, we can provide your end devices with the best possible protection against data loss and unauthorized access. Anti-virus and anti-malware protection, firewall configuration, data encryption and access controls are all part of this service.

We create security, transparency and control over the company-owned smartphones and tablets used by your employees. We use state-of-the-art mobile device management solutions and support you in the planning, integration and operation of the devices.

We also take care of the remote management and maintenance of your end devices. This includes remote diagnostics and the associated troubleshooting, the provision of software and patches and the performance of security checks.

We make sure you stay on top of industry-specific compliance requirements as well as your mobile devices and data. Our solutions provide detailed reporting capabilities and give you insight into the usage, security and compliance of your entire mobile environment.

Server & Storage

The design and implementation of individual server & storage solutions in the IT environment of companies is one of our core competencies in the field of IT infrastructure. We offer a wide range of products, flexible services and solutions designed to improve the performance, reliability, scalability and security of your company's IT infrastructure while reducing costs.

Storage solutions offer companies the opportunity to store, back up and manage their data efficiently and to scale it flexibly as required. Our modern storage solutions include functions such as data replication, deduplication (identification of redundant data or duplicates), encryption and high availability.

We provide expert advice and support in the selection, implementation and maintenance of storage strategies and systems, design back-up and recovery solutions, take care of data migration and increase the availability of your systems through individual service and technical support. If desired, we can store your data in one of our secure and ISO-certified data centers in Switzerland. We operate strictly in accordance with ITIL standards and the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP/DSG).

Choosing the right server hardware depends on the specific requirements, such as the desired performance, scalability and availability, as well as the budget. Our offer includes the installation and maintenance of physical «on-site» hardware as well as virtual «Infrastructure as a Service» solutions. This offering is scalable and can be tailored to your needs. We have various data centers available and can also offer hybrid solutions. With our constant monitoring of server hardware, we increase the high availability and reliability of your infrastructure.

Virtualization improves the utilization of hardware, simplifies management and enables companies to use their IT resources more flexibly and efficiently. Virtualization technologies also make it possible to consolidate multiple virtual servers and storage resources on one physical hardware platform.

Cloud computing services offer companies the opportunity to flexibly expand and supplement their server and storage resources in the cloud. Cloud integration includes features such as hybrid cloud provisioning, cloud backup and recovery, disaster recovery and cloud storage solutions.

Our tools include software solutions for managing, monitoring and analyzing server and storage resources. Our management and monitoring tools give you insights into the performance, availability, capacity and security of your IT infrastructure, while also helping with troubleshooting and optimization.

Network & Security

At a time when cyber threats and attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated, the security of your network is vital to protect sensitive data and keep your business running smoothly. The requirements you have in this area depend heavily on your field of activity. However, a flawless and fault-resistant IT network is of crucial importance for every company.

Data protection is our top priority. Whether for DDoS attacks, attacks with a virus or the more complex man-in-the-middle attacks. We develop test scenarios, carry out security assessments and penetration tests and thus close your security gaps sustainably. We support you in your search for the ideal solution - whether LAN, WLAN, WAN or VPN - the reliability, speed and security of your network are our focus.

We analyze your individual situation and provide you with expert advice on the development and implementation of the right IT security concept for you. Here you can find our network and security solutions at a glance:

We design and implement solutions tailored precisely to your company's requirements. Whether it's local area networks, wide area networks (WANs) or wireless networks, we have the expertise to build a powerful and reliable network for you.

We develop firewall and intrusion detection systems for you that protect your network from unauthorized access, malware and other threats and help you to identify and block potential attacks at an early stage.

With our VPN solutions, you can establish secure connections to your company network, no matter where you are. We implement VPNs that encrypt your data and give your employees secure access to company resources from anywhere.

Our network monitoring and management solutions provide real-time monitoring to optimize your network's performance, prevent outages and detect potential security risks. We make sure your network runs smoothly and is well protected.

We offer training and consulting services to raise your employees' awareness of the latest security topics and best practices and thus also protect your company against internal threats. In this way, you can build a security culture that empowers your employees to reliably identify security risks and thwart attacks.


Ganz oben auf der Agenda jeder IT-Abteilung sollte die regelmässige Aktualisierung der IT-Infrastruktur stehen. Nur so können Sie sich vor den immer raffinierteren Angriffen der Cyberkriminellen schützen, das Sicherheitsrisiko minimieren und die Effizienz Ihrer IT-Infrastruktur maximieren. Mit Patching halten Sie Betriebssysteme, Geräte und Software immer aktuell. Patches und notwendige Updates werden von den Softwareanbietern bereitgestellt, um Fehler zu beheben, Sicherheitslücken zu schliessen und die Leistung zu optimieren. Mit unserem Patching Service stellen Sie sicher, dass in Ihrer gesamten IT-Infrastruktur bekannte Schwachstellen behoben werden und Ihre Daten vor Bedrohungen wie Malware und Hackerangriffen bestmöglich geschützt sind. So gewährleisten wir die Stabilität und den reibungslosen Betrieb Ihrer Systeme.

Our patching service includes:

We make sure that security updates are rolled out to all your devices during patching as soon as they are released by the software providers.

When using software, problems and errors are often discovered and forwarded to the software companies for correction. Such bug fixes are also included in patches. Such errors are usually not security risks, but can affect the performance, stability or functionality of the software.

Certain patches only contain performance improvements to optimize the speed, efficiency or resource usage of the software. Such patches can improve the user experience and user productivity.

Sometimes there are compatibility problems between software and other programs or with hardware components that are only detected during use. Here too, updates ensure that the software works smoothly with other systems again.

In addition to minor patches for specific problems, software providers also release major updates for the entire software, known as version updates. These patches usually contain new functions, improvements and security updates for the software.


Continuous monitoring of your IT infrastructure ensures that all systems, applications, networks and services function properly and in line with their performance targets and that the security of all data is guaranteed. Our monitoring service allows us to monitor the status and performance of your IT infrastructure and all services and to identify potential problems at an early stage. This enables us to react and take the necessary measures before the problems affect users and hinder or even interrupt IT operations. An important aspect of monitoring is also to ensure IT security in your company.

Important points of our monitoring service are

We monitor various factors that are important for the smooth operation of all systems. For example, CPU utilization, memory usage, hard disk space, network bandwidth and other performance indicators. In this way, we ensure that the systems are working properly and that sufficient resources are available for flawless operation.

We monitor the performance of applications and check whether they are working efficiently and as expected. Among other things, we check response times, transaction volumes and server load in order to quickly localize potential bottlenecks and problems.

Our monitoring also includes monitoring network connections, routers, switches, firewalls and other network components to ensure that everything is working properly and that sufficient bandwidth is available.

Monitoring and rapid identification of security-relevant events and protocols are a top priority. This enables us to detect potential threats, attacks or suspicious activities quickly and reliably. Here, we pay particular attention to firewall protocols, suspicious login activities and work with anomaly detection systems that send warning messages and alarms as soon as certain thresholds are exceeded or problems occur. This allows us to react very quickly in an emergency and activate defense mechanisms.

Cloud Services

In an increasingly digitalized world, the cloud is one of the driving forces behind innovation and greater efficiency. We understand the challenges companies face and offer you flexibly scalable cloud services and solutions that adapt perfectly to the development and growth of your company: Our Cloud Services can be purchased directly online in our store. Of course, you can also ask us for advice first. We will be happy to put together a suitable solution for you.

An overview of our Cloud Services for you:

Our experts understand the individual requirements and needs of your company and develop a perfectly tailored cloud strategy for you.

We ensure that the transition of your existing infrastructure to the cloud runs quickly and smoothly and that you can soon benefit from the cost savings and flexibility of the cloud.

With our comprehensive Cloud Management Service, we take care of monitoring, maintaining and optimizing your cloud infrastructure so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Data security is extremely important for cloud services. That is why it is our top priority to ensure that our cloud services offer first-class security features and meet the strictest compliance requirements.

Our cloud solutions grow with your company. Whether you want to introduce new applications, support more users or open up new markets, our cloud infrastructure adapts flexibly to your requirements.

Modern Workplace

A modern IT workplace is a central and important part of everyday life for all company employees. «Workplace as a Service»e (WaaS) is an innovative concept that helps companies to transform their working environments and offer their employees the best and most modern working conditions. Our comprehensive WaaS service package, which we provide as a service, covers your company's entire IT infrastructure and workplace environment. We focus on your needs and offer both physical IT workstations on your premises and virtual desktop environment solutions as well as hybrid solutions combining physical and virtual.

We take care of the entire life cycle of the workstation for you: from the delivery and installation of the hardware and software, through maintenance and monitoring during the operating phase, to decommissioning and replacement at the end of the cycle.You can also order suitable office furniture and accessories from us.Outsourcing your IT infrastructure and workplace environment, as well as our all-round service, allows you to concentrate on your core business while benefiting from the latest technologies.

The advantages:

WaaS enables companies to flexibly adapt their working environments to constantly changing requirements. By using cloud-based services, employees can work from anywhere and access their workplace resources.

With WaaS, companies can easily scale their work environments, for example to meet the requirements of their growing business. New employees can be added quickly and existing resources can be expanded as required.

Instead of investing in expensive hardware and infrastructure, companies can use WaaS to reduce their IT costs and plan their expenditure better.

As a WaaS provider, we ensure that your working environments are safe and secure. This includes features such as endpoint security, data encryption, access controls and regular security updates.

By providing modern workplace solutions such as virtual desktops, collaboration tools and mobile apps, you can increase your employees' productivity and satisfaction by giving them access to the tools and resources they need to collaborate and get their work done effectively from anywhere.

Other useful services that we offer

Do you need someone to install and commission your hardware or have you been wanting a virtual meeting room that works perfectly for a long time? We can do that too.

Hardware installation and commissioning

We are happy to do this for you. And in such a way that it really does work perfectly straight away. Of course, we also instruct the employees who will be working with the device in question and clarify any unanswered questions.

Virtual conference and meeting rooms

Many meetings and conferences now take place online. Companies work with customers all over the world and employees are not in the same building or even in the same country as they used to be. This requires the right technologies and video conferencing systems so that meetings can be held in good quality and without disruption, just as if all participants were sitting in the same room. We procure the necessary equipment for you, take care of the installation and integrate the functions on all the devices used by employees, including intelligent user control. Ready to go.

Meeting rooms centrally located in Basel near SBB train station

In our offices in the beautiful Maison Davidoff, very conveniently located near the highway and the SBB train station, we rent a large and very bright meeting room with a roof terrace and kitchenette with coffee machine and refrigerator. The room is suitable for meetings of up to around 40 - 60 people (depending on the set-up) and is accessible by elevator. We can provide you with the necessary equipment (flipcharts, whiteboards, projector, screen, special lighting, microphone, sound system, reliable Wi-Fi etc.) for your meeting and we can also arrange the furnishings according to your wishes. Contact us for a specific offer.

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