Luxembourg Post Group modernizes VR communication

The Post Luxembourg is a postal and telecommunications service provider in Luxembourg. It was founded in 1842 and has been a public company since 1992. With over a hundred post offices and post stores, it is the market leader in postal and telecommunications services in Luxembourg and also offers postal financial services, in particular online banking services as well as Internet and telecommunications services. The Post Luxembourg Group employs around 4700 people, making it the largest employer in the country.


The goal: secure and, above all, simple board communication

Managing Board communication with almost 50 people on the Board of Directors and Executive Board, who are divided between nine committees, was a Herculean task for the General Secretariat. For this reason, a specially developed document management solution was modified a few years ago to meet the needs of the Board of Directors. However, neither the members of the Board of Directors nor the General Secretariat itself were satisfied with the speed and user-friendliness. The search was on for an easy-to-use, stable, secure and scalable board portal solution that could also be operated on Swiss Post's own infrastructure and integrated into the Microsoft system landscape.


The path: Introduction of the Loomion portal, which fulfilled all requirements

The solution was presented to the CIO of Post Group Luxembourg by Loomion. He immediately saw the potential of this new tool, created specifically for Board communication, to resolve the complaints and concerns of his Board of Directors and Executive Board members as well as the employees in the General Secretariat in one fell swoop. Following the technical clarifications, a non-binding proof-of-concept installation was carried out on Swiss Post's internal IT environment. After several weeks of intensive testing, the results were very positive. The installation of the Loomion portal in the productive environment could begin.

The existing Microsoft SharePoint installation was used for this in order to keep the costs incurred as low as possible. The system was configured for the 50 members of the Board of Directors and Executive Board and approved by the project manager. This was followed by a half-day training course for the General Secretariat. Familiarization with the new administration interface was very quick and uncomplicated. Shortly afterwards, both the mobile and browser-based Loomion app were successively rolled out to one committee after another, which was largely carried out by the internal IT department.


The Loomion portal solved all the previous problems and was introduced very quickly.

The integration of Loomion into the existing infrastructure has provided Post Group Luxembourg with a stable, scalable and secure tool for communication with and within the Board of Directors and the Executive Board.

The Loomion platform had no problems mapping the many board members, their assistants and assigned committees. The feedback from the board members was consistently very positive. At last, documents could also be studied offline before the meeting and made available for reference afterwards using the archive function. The Loomion portal provided the General Secretariat with an easy-to-use and powerful tool for creating, distributing, notifying and archiving their BoD meeting documents.

«The key benefit for POST is an easy-to-use mobile solution for board members that is a real alternative to paper copies and is highly appreciated by our users. We are seeing a big increase in productivity for our board office. Loomion also offers a strong security concept.»
Patrick Schwaller, Head of IT Operations Post Luxembourg
Christopher Knabe

CEO Loomion AG
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