The Board of Directors of Endress + Hauser goes paperless

Founded in 1953, Endress+Hauser AG  is a leading global provider of measuring instruments, services and solutions for industrial process engineering. Headquartered in Reinach near Basel, the Group employs almost 17,000 people worldwide and generates net sales of almost 3.7 billion euros. 


The goal: Control over confidential documents

Confidential documents for meetings of the Board of Directors at Endress+Hauser were delivered by email to the members. Since the BoD members were partially located externally and had no access to internal email, the transmission of documents was not secure. In addition, after the documents left the email servers of Endress+Hauser, control over the documents was lost. They could only hope the handling of confidential content by their BoD members was done appropriately. In the worst case scenario, the recipients of the emails could have printed the documents and forgotten them in the pile of paper on the printer.

«Thanks to Loomion, the communication with the Board renders to be essentially more simple and more efficient. In general, transparency and security have significantly improved.»
Dr. H. Zehntner, Corporate Secretary, Endress+Hauser AG

The path: simplify communication within the Board of Directors with the Loomion Board Management Software.

The Corporate Secretary wanted to minimize the risk of data loss by board members and enhance the mobility factor. So instead of traveling to the next board meeting with a stack of paper, all participants would be equipped with an app on their tablet computers. After a thorough evaluation phase of usability and security features, Loomion's board management software was selected as the solution for easy meeting management and secure board communication.


Very short introduction phase and high acceptance of the Loomion software by the members of the Board of Directors

Advantages and rollout
Loomion addresses the high security requirements relating to the storage and transmission of confidential information. The platform impressed the Board Secretary with its powerful and feature-rich interface for administration. The Chairman of the Board of Directors praised the easy-to-use and intuitive look and feel. The introduction of Loomion at E+H took three days. After a workshop with the Board Secretary on how the Board of Directors works, the solution was integrated as a cloud-based service. Loomion now manages all services and data on behalf of E+H in its highly secure and highly available data center in Switzerland. The rollout of the solution required one day of training for the administrators and around 10 minutes per Board member for the installation on their mobile devices and a short introduction. 

The acceptance of Loomion at E+H is astonishing. There was no resistance from the Board members to the new way of working. All members of the Board of Directors found the solution very practical, as they are immediately informed of new documents and can prepare for the next Board meeting. They can now add comments directly to the documents and refer back to their notes during meetings at a later date. Of course, all content is now protected in an easy-to-use and highly secure app on their mobile devices. On the other hand, the BoD secretariat no longer needs to send documents by e-mail. The employees in the BoD secretariat can now even create personalized meeting folders with watermarks in case one of the BoD members forgets their tablet computer at home.

Christopher Knabe

CEO Loomion AG
+41 61 500 16 25

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